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Wow. This actually scares me.

Hi my beautiful followers. Please stop and look at this.

So, I’m about to reach 200 followers. Not a big deal compared to others who have like 15,000+ but… it’s a big deal to me. So, I was thinking about having a giveaway. They just look like so much fun. And I was wondering, if anyone would be interested in me doing a giveaway. Not sure yet what I would giveaway. But, if I reach 200 followers, I’d like to have a giveaway. Is anyone interested?


Come back here, son

At first I was like….

I don’t get it.
But then I read the caption and was like….


sometimes things are tough but look at this bun


Well I feel better.

This is why you weren’t in the avengers



She will be okay…It’s just a stage she is going through…

I think it’s stupid that the last model who witnessed her fall, just kept walking like a stupid idiot.


It’s moments like these that have me head over hills for the Captain.


when someone accidentally spoils your favourite tv show and then tries to apologise 


I remember this. My childhood..

this.. I thought I was dying.


I was taking a shower and I didn’t know I was having a nose bleed so when I looked down I saw a bunch of blood and I thought I was having my period but then i remembered i’m a 16 year old asian boy


Lord help my unbelief.

Oh wow. This is so legit for me.




So good, Chris.

This is perfect.

you must reblog the Tumblr national anthem

everytime its on your dash

every time.


i’m crying

These made me bawl. Thank you!

This… this is golden. Always reblog. <3


Annapurna II mountain, Himalayas, Nepal by Andrey Maximov

Oh my…

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